What we do

Tharawat Investments provides small and medium businesses with strategic consultancy solutions that transform their businesses into strong establishments, unlocking equity and fund management opportunities.

With solid expertise in greenfield projects, we seize unique opportunities and avail managed investments to our projects, helping companies mark their leadership territories.

From good to great is what we offer small and medium enterprises and family businesses, enabling them to grow into market-leading enterprises through smart funding, well-studied management approach and solid corporate governance.

We put our essential industry knowledge and management expertise at the disposal of our partners helping them develop sound feasibility studies, investments memorandums and sustainable organizational and financing structure.

Latest Investments

OVO Egypt

Catering to bakeries, food manufacturing and hospitality industries, OVO Egypt manufactures pasteurized eggs, enabling long shelf-life, higher hygiene levels and greater storage convenience for businesses. Being one of the local pioneers in pasteurized eggs in Egypt, OVO Egypt provides an innovative solution for factories and food providers, promising safer, healthier and easier egg products, ranging from liquid to powdered eggs produced in three separation types: whole, yolk or white.

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