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Capiter is MENA’s largest and fastest-growing B2B e-commerce company connecting businesses with suppliers and manufacturers. Capiter provides a unified platform with both the retail and marketplace models, digitizing the chain from suppliers to retailers. Capiter customers enjoy a wide variety of application features including;

One-Stop Shop Solution: Capiter is the only B2B platform in MENA that has both the retail and marketplace models.

Free next day delivery: It takes less than 24 hours to deliver any restocking request for both served and underserved areas.

Competitive Pricing: Merchants buy their needs at formal and reliable prices. Also, they are offered customized promos & bundles.

Growth Booster: Capiter merchants are growing bigger easily with services provided. They can choose their goods from different varieties of products, and with Capiter payment solutions, they can buy more, sell more, hence growing faster.

Flexible Payment: Merchants can pay with COD, e-cards, or SNPL. Our mission is to never let them stop selling.

Food & Beverage


From supermarkets and kiosks to restaurants and hotels, Capiter delivers all the requested F&B products in only 24 hrs. Capiter warehouses are well stocked and updated with an extensive range of products, which allows merchants to widen their product offering and easily select from mobile application.



Bridging the gap between large electronic companies and small merchants, Capiter allows its merchants to have access to the latest electronic devices. With capiter’s advanced technology, merchants now have access to select the latest mobile phones, electronic games, accessories, laptops, etc…



With fast growing fashion trends and lifestyle products, Capiter allows its fashion retailer to have shopping accessibility to the latest collections from a wide variety of authentic brand categories. Capiter also provide fashion and lifestyle retailers unique payment method such “Sell now buy later solution”

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