Firm overview


Founded on the principle of transforming businesses into leaders in their territory, Tharawat Investments was established in 2017, eyeing opportunities for a diversified portfolio in partnership with strong management teams to deliver results for our partners and investors alike.

With a special focus on small and medium businesses, Tharawat Investments strongly believes in two-way collaboration with management teams to achieve strategic objectives. Our approach poses an ideal opportunity for company owners and investors seeking to secure strong financial structure and liquidity.

At Tharawat Investments, we aim to become a quality leader in Project Development, Growth Fund and Investment Consultancy by continuous improvement of our core competencies and by seeking business and projects opportunities that create a suitable financial return while adhering to our cultural and corporate ethical values.

Being an investor in our own funds, we take pride in our commitment to secure equity capital by investors with a vision to acquire promising companies and establish new businesses.

Projects Development

From idea creation to business plans and operations, our Project Development business line converts ideas to opportunities while maximizing each opportunity with the highest return on investment. Tharawat Investments aims to be the leader in creating innovative and new to market products in the food manufacturing business.

Growth Funding

Tharawat Investments Growth Funding is a unique kind of an investment. We help you build your business while maintaining your vision. Tharawat Investments is your trusted investment partner for growing companies. We create techniques for you to grow your business, from funding to management expertise.

Investment Consultancy

Tharawat Investment Consultancy offers comprehensive investment consulting services for private companies and individuals around the world. Our services are always kicked off with pre-investment research following development & evaluation of an investment proposal, business plan development, business opportunities analysis, financial and risk models and project presentations.