Investment Strategy

Capitalizing on a steadily growing economy and a strategic location for investors, Egypt provides a fertile hub for young skilled human capital attractive to investors. Our Egypt-focused investment strategy allows us to leverage on an expert team with extensive local knowledge, investment experience and wide-ranging business network.

Our current and under-consideration investments mainly target manufacturing and services sectors, two promising industries that guarantee high value creation for our investors. Tharawat Investments eyes potential opportunities in lucrative markets such as non-banking financial services, food processing and telecom services.

Our Approach is KEY

In close collaboration with our customers, Tharawat Investments capitalizes on an extensive business expertise and track record to develop long term strategic, operational and financial plans, driving growth and profitability and above all sustainability of promising results.



A details-oriented brainstorming and screening process is a prerequisite for all our great work to identify best-in-class opportunities.

Tharawat experts scope out projects and unlock growth ambitions to create sustainable investments. We collaborate closely among our stakeholders to understand growth potential, get to grips with challenges and grab investment opportunities.


Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies are Tharawats’ bread and butter. Our Studies are comprehensive market studies for international & local markets. We carefully analyze the competitive landscape and explore imports & exports strategies.

Tharawat Investment teams meticulously craft commercial models with competitive go to market strategies, products development &pricing, branding & positioning and operational models. We finalize our feasibility study with sound financial business modeling.


Investment Decision

With extensive study accomplished, investment decision is carefully weighed with all opportunities and calculated risks on the table.

Tharawat investment teams carefully build up calculations of estimated investment, project valuation of debt, equity, cash flows, IRR, and payback period as well as create financing options to make the relevant investment decision.


Securing Investors

Securing investors is what sets us apart, guaranteeing the success of equity raising and the promising results of the projects.