Ovo Egypt


Established in 2018, OVO Egypt is Tharawat Investments’ first manufacturing project. Factory is due to launch in the first quarter of 2020. OVO Egypt will provide a fully automated manufacturing facility, utilizing the latest technology in processing shell egg into pasteurized, liquid or frozen products, then into powder for some industrial applications and export. With OVO Egypt new brand launch, Tharawat Investments aims at producing a capacity of 20 thousand tons per year.

Catering to food manufacturing, bakeries and hospitality industries, OVO Egypt will manufacture pasteurized eggs, enabling long shelf-life, higher hygiene levels and greater storage convenience for businesses. Being one of the local pioneers in pasteurized eggs in Egypt, OVO Egypt will provide an innovative solution for factories and food providers, promising safer, healthier and easier egg products, ranging from liquid to powdered eggs produced in whole, yolk or white types.

Tharawat Investments aims at not only introducing premium pasteurized eggs, but also offering a world class food distribution and delivery services with high quality packaging. OVO Egypt brand promises excellence in ordering process and customer service relations.

Pasteurized Liquid Eggs

OVO Egypt prepares fresh, pasteurized eggs from domestic chicken eggs. With the latest technology in manufacturing facility, OVO Egypt will produce large volumes of egg products, producing liquid whole egg, egg yolk, egg white and various blends for industrial, food services and specialized retail customers.


Pasteurized Powdered Eggs

With the latest technology in dehydrating eggs, OVO Egypt will produce natural powdered eggs with the rich nutritional benefits and a long shelf life. They will be produced in different forms from whole egg, egg yolk, to egg white.

Egg Distribution

With our large supply of egg products and strategic geographic location, OVO Egypt will maintain a high degree of flexibility on packaging, high volumes and distribution options.