The Firm

What We Do

Projects Development

With solid expertise in greenfield projects, we seize unique opportunities and avail managed funds to companies, helping companies mark their leadership territories.

Growth Funding

From good to great is what we offer small and medium enterprises and family businesses, enabling them to grow into market-leading enterprises through smart funding, well-studied management approach and solid corporate governance.

Investment Consultancy

We put our essential industry knowledge and management expertise at the disposal of our partners helping them develop sound feasibility studies, investments memorandums and sustainable organizational and financing structure.

Geography & Industries

Capitalizing on a steadily growing economy and a strategic location for investors, Egypt provides a fertile hub for young skilled human capital attractive to investors. Our Egypt-focused investment strategy allows us to leverage on an expert team with extensive local knowledge, investment experience and wide-ranging business network.

Our current and under-consideration investments mainly target manufacturing and services sectors, two promising industries that guarantee high value creation for our investors. Tharawat Investments eyes potential opportunities in lucrative markets such as non-banking financial services, food processing and telecom services.

Our Approach is KEY

In close collaboration with our customers, Tharawat Investments capitalizes on an extensive business expertise and track record to develop long term strategic, operational and financial plans, driving growth and profitability and above all sustainability of promising results.


A details-oriented brainstorming and screening process is a prerequisite for all our great work to identify best-in-class opportunities.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies are our bread and butter with solid creed in meticulous marketing study and due diligence.

Investment Decision

With extensive study accomplished, investment decision is carefully weighed with all opportunities and calculated risks on the table.

Securing Investors

Securing investors is what sets us apart, guaranteeing the success of equity raising and the promising results of the projects.

Meet our Investment Leader

With an extensive expertise in investment and management, Mohamed Fares, Tharawat Investments Chairman and CEO, has overseen and managed several successful investment projects in his leadership capacity for more than 30 years.

In 1998, as a member of an executive team, Mohamed Fares managed the merger of seven local IT companies that today form the remarkable conglomerate of Raya Group that operates more than ten lines of business in a wide range of industries, including but not limited to information technology, distribution, retail, FMCG, manufacturing, and real estate development. Starting off with a turnover of 80 million EGP and 250 employees, Raya Group capped a turnover of 4 billion EGP and a head count of over 5000 employees by the time of Fares’ exit in 2014.

In his leadership capacity at Raya Group, Fares takes pride in managing a number of significant investment milestones. In 2000, Fares managed the acquisition of a data service provider license, establishing and operating a nation-wide MPLS data network, spinning it off to Vodafone in 2006. In addition, holding the positions of Raya Trade CEO and Raya Lease first Chairman and CEO are among some executive positions that enabled Fares to expand Raya’s leadership empire in the fields of distribution, retail, and commercial real estate development, while overseeing the Group’s spin offs and acquisition transactions as Raya Group CFO.

As the key founder and the Chairman and CEO of LEEDS, Fares transformed LEEDS (Leaders in Energy & Electromechanical Developments & Services) into a world-class electromechanical contractor and facility management provider with twenty-folds its business size in 2010 and 400% growth in its head count in only three years.

Fares holds two management diplomas from Harvard Business School and the American University in Cairo and has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Ain Shams University.

Mohamed Fares

Mohamed Fares

Founder & CEO