The Team

Diverse Competences. Extensive Market Knowledge.

Tharawat Investments is founded by a team of professionals with diverse competences, extensive market knowledge and years of experience. Tharawat Investments team seizes solid years of experience in the project development, growth funding, and Investment consulting. Our team is composed of a wide range of experts including investment professionals, analysts, accountants, real estate consultants, marketing and much more. At Tharawat Investments, we aspire to lead by example and strengthen our reinforce by contentious growth.

 Open Communication

Capitalizing on Tharawant Investments’ wealth of contacts and strong business relations, we strive to create value for all our stakeholders and strengthen our partnership through honest and open communications.

  Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Our culture promotes entrepreneurship, innovation and personal development aiming at contributing positivity in areas where we operate.

 Eyeing Opportunities

Together we create investment opportunities from an idea creation to studies, strategies development, projects design and value engineering enabling us to achieve the most efficient project with the highest return on investment.